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South Windsor, CT

South Windsor, Connecticut’s quiet neighborhoods and scenic views of the Connecticut River make it an appealing place to live. With numerous areas for golfing, quick access to urban amenities, and historic buildings to explore, it offers something for everyone. Its humid continental climate and four distinct seasonal experiences are attractive too, but those hot and humid summers and cold, snowy winters can also pose a pest problem. The very factors that make South Windsor attractive to people also attract pests.
During the summer months, many pests can rapidly spread, especially in more rural areas of this suburban area that was once a farming community. Winter months can send those pests scrambling to find somewhere warm to hide. As a result, they tend to find their way indoors.
Modern Pest Services has experience handling the common pests found in Connecticut, from cockroaches and stinging insects to rats and mice and everything in between. Our proven treatment programs can help you find relief if you’ve had problems with pests on your property.

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Pests in South Windsor

Often, by the time you spot the first sign of infestation on your property, it’s already set in and established itself and there are probably many, many more where that pest came from. These pests can be annoying at worst and dangerous at best. Blood sucking insects like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can pass on diseases to humans and pets. Rats, mice and cockroaches can too, while also adding filth to an otherwise clean environment. Termites, carpenter ants and powderpost beetles can all wreak havoc on wooden structures, including your home or building, and mice and rats have been known to chew their way through wires and food storage containers.
Once you identify an infestation, the best thing you can do is call an expert. Modern Pest Services has experience handling all sorts of Connecticut pests, including:

South Windsor Pest Exterminators

Modern Pest Services provides high-quality, award-winning pest control services effectively and sustainably to businesses and homes in South Windsor. Our certified experts are ready to help you with industry-proven treatments that will help you deter or eliminate pests on your property. Our teams include entomologists who are familiar with the pests in South Windsor alongside our technicians and managers to ensure you get the best possible services. We treat both residential and commercial properties and our experts will be able to recommend the best plan to treat your property quickly.

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If you’ve spotted pests on your property, the time to act is now before it can get worse. To get help from a local South Windsor exterminator, contact Modern Pest Services today at 1-800-323-7378 or learn more about our residential and commercial services online. We can talk about your options and give you a free estimate for removal and exclusion services.

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