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Old Saybrook, CT

Part of Middlesex County, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, is a charming beach town located where the Connecticut River flows into the Long Island Sound. One of the state’s oldest settled cities, Old Saybrook boasts several fascinating historic hotspots. Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places include Samuel Eliot House, the Black Horse Tavern, William Tully House and Lynde Point Lighthouse. Visitors can learn more about the city’s past at William Hart House, home of the Old Saybrook Historical Society, and step back in time at Essex Village. Art fans can appreciate the collections at Florence Griswold Museum while the Connecticut River Museum offers insights into the waterways. For an evening of culture, the Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center has live performances throughout the year.
Old Saybrook offers plenty of chances to enjoy nature, too, from hiking and swimming at Rocky Neck State Park to birdwatching and relaxing at Fort Saybrook Monument Park. Ferry Landing State Park is an ideal place to spot waterbirds, seals, and aquatic life. The stretching Preserve was once the biggest area of coastal forest in the northeast. Abundant wildlife inhabits the diverse ecosystems, which include rivers, marshes, pools, and forests. Within the city, parks such as Founders Memorial Park and Clark Community Park offer more relaxed outdoor leisure. Unfortunately, Old Saybrook’s varied landscapes and natural areas also provide ideal habitats for pests, which can quickly invade homes and businesses.
Controlling nuisance pests in Old Saybrook, CT, needs specialized expertise and local knowledge. For example, Old Saybrook pest control experts know that the invasive spotted lanternfly is becoming more of a problem in the area. They know which bugs bite, which can damage property, and which are annoying but relatively harmless. Modern Pest Services is a professional Old Saybrook exterminator that can help you tackle any pest control problems at your home or business.

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Local Climate Encourages Pests

Middlesex County’s humid subtropical climate means warm humid summers and wet and mild winters. These temperatures allow bugs to flourish throughout the year, often seeking shelter and sustenance indoors. The expert team at Modern Pest Services advises that rodents also move inside in wetter conditions, with rats and mice potentially taking up residence in your home during the winter. As the warmer weather comes, they’ve often already made themselves comfortably at home. Disturbingly, Connecticut’s rat population is increasing. The state also has a high population of raccoons. Mosquitoes love warm wet conditions, often causing a nuisance between April and July. The hotter month of August is when you’re most likely to encounter swarms of wasps. Pets romping outdoors can also bring home unwanted extras, such as ticks and fleas. Unfortunately, pests can be problematic all year round in Old Saybrook.
Per the Old Saybrook pest control professionals at Modern Pest Services, pests present in Middlesex County, CT, include:

Controlling Pests in Old Saybrook

A cookie-cutter approach won’t work when it comes to successfully removing the wide range of pests that live in Middlesex County. You need a local expert who knows specific pest activity and habitats and who considers your unique situation. Modern Pest Services has decades of knowledge and experience in eliminating pests. The Old Saybrook pest control team uses minimally invasive methods and provides effective prevention plans and monitoring to resolve pest issues in your home or business.
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