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New Britain, CT

Located in Harford County, New Britain, Connecticut, is a vibrant city with a varied history. Incorporated in 1754, it quickly became the state’s industrial center. Once known as The Hardware City, New Britain was home to many large manufacturing companies. The town has provided a favorable environment for innovations and economic growth. For example, the wire coat hanger was invented here.
Despite being an industrial town, New Britain, CT, is filled with greenery and boasts the best park system in the state. The city’s busy streets are lined with trees, and most homeowners have trees in their yards. The Walnut Hill Park and Rose Garden are among its many parks, which contain over 800 roses.
However, the city has several undeveloped and woody areas. Thus, it comes as no surprise then that pests are not uncommon in this town. Not to worry, though; Modern Pest Services is a New Britain, CT, pest control company staffed with licensed exterminators to treat for troublesome pests on your premises.

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Superior Pest Control And Extermination Services

While many beneficial insects exist, you do not want them in your home or business. Modern Pest Services provides effective pest control to customers all over New England.
With over 70 years of experience, Modern’s New Britain pest control services help keep homes and businesses safe from pests. Through sustainable practices, we ensure your property remains a pest-free and healthy living and working environment.

Weather Changes Make Pests a Year-Round Problem in New Britain

Most pests are active during spring and summer and become less of a problem during colder weather. However, as winters are getting milder due to climate change, some pests remain a nuisance. They damage your property, affect your health, and can harm your pets.
New Britain pest control experts advise immediate action whenever you see an insect crawling around your house. Pests always travel in groups. If you see only one bug, you can be sure many more are hiding somewhere.
Knowing which pests are common in your area can help you choose the best way to eliminate them. Our New Britain, CT, exterminators have detailed information on the most common pests in Connecticut. These pests include:

Better Pest Prevention for Homes and Businesses, and the Environment

As pest behavior is changing due to climate change, Modern Pest Services has developed innovative solutions to curb the spread of pests. Many conventional pest control products cannot effectively exterminate bugs. And certain pests have become resistant to them.
At Modern Pest Services, our entomologists and specialists continue improving our practices to ensure long-term efficiency. Our New Britain, CT, exterminators apply integrated pest management (IPM) methods and prevention techniques to block pests from entering your property.

Your Trusted Pest Control Company in New Britain, CT

If you are looking for an expert New Britain, CT, exterminator, Modern Pest Services is glad to help. Call us or fill out this form to learn more about our New Britain, CT, pest control services.

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