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Hartford, CT

If you’ve ever spent time in Hartford, CT, you know firsthand how exciting this city can be. Most widely recognized for being the state’s capital, Hartford offers a perfect blend of vibrant city life and rural charm. Its roots can be traced back to 1635, when a group of settlers from Massachusetts Bay Colony decided to build a town in the region.
For those who prefer spending time outside, Hartford is also home to plenty of nature trails—over 63% of the area’s land is made up of forests. While the abundance of nature adds to the city’s charm and beauty, it also attracts pests. Trees, bushes and vegetation are often pollinated or inhabited by insects, some of which may wind up making their way into Hartford homes and businesses. If you’re dealing with critters and creepy crawlies, the professionals at Modern Pest can help.

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During the summer, there’s no shortage of pests out and about. During the winter, many pests search for warm areas to shelter from the freezing temperatures. Either way, pests are always fighting to get into your home. Fortunately, we fight even harder to keep them out. Our team has the skills, knowledge and equipment to keep your home free of rodents, insects, and other unwanted critters.

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Common Pests in Hartford, Conecticut

Fresh greenery and plants may be beautiful to look at, but they’re also major attractions for bugs, mice and rats. Once they make their way into Hartford, it isn’t long before they start to infiltrate local homes and businesses.
At Modern Pest, we’re highly experienced when it comes to pest control. We can assist with many of the pests commonly found in the region, including the following:

Quality Hartford Pest Control Services

Fighting pests is no easy feat. At Modern Pest, we’re equipped with the tools and know-how to not only eliminate bugs, but to prevent them from returning in the future. Many of our residential services come with 100% satisfaction guarantees, as well as unlimited return visits and seasonal preventative visits. We also offer commercial services designed to protect your business, reputation, and peace of mind.

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Whether you need termite inspection services for your business or rodent control for your home, the experts at Modern Pest have you covered. Our team can protect you from nearly any pest. Call us at 1-800-323-7378 or complete our online form today!

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