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Don't Let Carpenter Ants In Manchester Tear Up Your Home

September 15, 2022 - Carpenter Ants

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Carpenter ants in Manchester are among the worst pests due to their constant tunneling through the wood resulting in significant damages and a widespread infestation that becomes incredibly difficult to remove. If you want to know how to get rid of carpenter ants and avoid carpenter ant damage to your home, you should contact Manchester pest control right away.

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

Carpenter ants are one of the more distinctive ant species due to their larger size. This ant can grow up to an inch in length, though most carpenter ants average around half an inch. Carpenter ants have shiny black or red bodies, or their coloration may be a combination of both colors. In the wild, you are most likely to see carpenter ants invading moist or hollow wood such as fallen logs or branches. Around your home, this pest prefers to infiltrate secluded wooden structures such as the interior of your walls, water-damaged wood, or areas around the foundation of your house. 

How To Tell If Carpenter Ants Are In Your Home

There are a few signs of carpenter ants in your house that you can keep an eye out for if you suspect that this pest is crawling around your property. These signs include:

  • Visual sightings of carpenter ants around your property or inside of your home
  • Rustling or clicking noises in the wall that may be easier to hear late at night when things are quieter
  • Piles of wood shavings or sawdust known as frass gathered beneath windowsills, around baseboards, and near doorjambs; these are a result of carpenter ants tunneling
  • Sightings of shed or discarded swarmer wings that come from flying, reproductive carpenter ants
  • Galleries that appear carved into wood or furniture as a result of carpenter ants invading and chewing through these areas

If you see one or more of these signs, it’s time to reach out to the experts at EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control, LLC for effective carpenter ant treatment.

How Much Damage Can Carpenter Ants Do To Your Home?

Carpenter ants can create a significant amount of damage to your home. They are chewing through wood almost constantly to make their nests and expand their colonies. Over time, this tunneling through wood can create hollow areas. These hollow areas in your walls, foundation, ceiling beams, or flooring can lead to wood breaking away, moisture entering the wood and rotting it, or structural collapse. All of these damages can be very dangerous and costly to repair, so it is crucial to stop carpenter ants before an infestation grows out of control.

Professional Carpenter Ant Control For Manchester Residents 

If you want to know how to eliminate carpenter ants in your home for good, you should skip the DIY methods and home remedies. The most reliable way to treat carpenter ant problems is to contact our professionals at EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control, LLC. Our technicians can help you remove your carpenter ant problems by completing an in-depth inspection of your property and determining where the source of your infestation is. 

Using this information, we will tailor treatment plans to your exact needs and work to eliminate every trace of carpenter ants from around your property. This treatment allows us to stop further carpenter ant damage and prevent reinfestations of this pest, ensuring your property stays safe.

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