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Rodent Control In Connecticut

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Protecting Your Home From Harmful Rodents

Rodents are some of the most common pests to infiltrate homes in Connecticut. Although they don’t mind being outdoors in the summer months, once the temperatures start getting colder and food and water become harder to come by, they begin to look for shelter that provides warmth and sustenance. Residential properties meet all of those needs.

If rodents have gotten into your home, they will cause a substantial amount of damage for as long as they’re allowed to stay. They’ll also contaminate the areas they spend time in, putting your family at risk of becoming sick. Eliminating an infestation as quickly as possible helps minimize damage and avoid illness. EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control provides Manchester homes with effective rodent control services. We will eliminate the rodent infestation in your home and help you avoid a new infestation in the future.

Rodent Control From EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control

Our service begins by laying snap traps six to eight feet apart in your basement. Not only does this immediately start the work of eliminating the rodents in your house, but it also allows us to pinpoint where the rodents are getting inside. Identifying the location of the entry points they’re using is essential in stopping the infestation.

Please note, our standing policy is that we do not lay snap traps above stored items to avoid cross-contamination. If there is an area where you want snap traps set, please remove any stored items prior to our service visit.

After our initial service, we’ll return in seven to ten days to check the traps. If activity still appears to be heavy, we may schedule another follow-up visit two weeks later. We’ll continue to follow up until the infestation has been fully resolved.

In addition to laying traps, it’s important to seal the entry points the rodents are using to get into your house. New rodents will continually enter your home without performing this step, and the infestation will never be resolved. We offer an exterior ground exclusion service to repair small damaged areas that rodents use to access your house. Once we finish the work, they will no longer be able to come and go from these entry points. It should be noted that you may see an immediate increase in rodent activity after our exclusion work before the activity decreases and then stops altogether.

Our rodent control services in Manchester are generally done as a recurring service to maintain your home’s protection. As long as you’re a member, you’ll also receive free re-treatments should an issue occur in between scheduled services.

Say Goodbye To Rodents

A rodent infestation is bad news for your house, but with the help of EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control, you can say goodbye to rodents once and for all. Our rodent control services will eliminate your active infestation and provide the services you need to keep rodents out in the future. To learn more or to request your free estimate, contact us today.