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Pest Control For Manchester Residents

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The pests in Manchester never seem to stop, do they? For some residents, pests sightings are a monthly or weekly event. Is this the case for you? Do you find big, gross centipedes on your bathroom walls? Do see the occasional spider race down the wall while you're watching television? Do see ants crawling around near your kitchen trash receptacle? These annoying pests are what drive residents to invest in Manchester pest control.

But, do you know that the worst pests are the ones you rarely see? These are the mice that nibble on live wires in your wall voids. They're the subterranean termites that hollow out the wood of your home and create structural damage. They're the cockroaches that contaminate your counters, food prep surfaces, dishes, silverware, stored foods, toothbrush, and more.

Home pest control is about more than just dealing with pests that annoy you. It is about protecting your health and property from hidden threats you often don't know about. Let's take a look at a few of the types of pests we have in Manchester, a few of the hidden dangers you may not know about, and a few home pest control tips that can help you guard yourself and your family against these threats.

The Types Of Pests That Invade Manchester Homes

a mouse nursing her offspring

There are many pests that commonly get into homes in Manchester - far too many to discuss each one. Rather than talk about the pests individually, we're going to break them down into types of pests.

  • Biting - There are several pests that can bite you. Often, bites and stings get confused, as is the case with fire ants. Those ants can bite, but only to hold on to the skin. It is the stings from their stingers that cause the wounds. Fortunately, we don't have fire ants in Manchester. But, it is important to understand that biting pests are not a threat because of venom in stingers but saliva in their mouths. Mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, bats, and several other pests transfer diseases by way of their saliva.
  • Stinging - We have a few pests that can sting us. The pests that sting are wasps, bees, and hornets. These pests transmit venom through their stingers. Certain spiders can transmit venom through their fangs, so they fall somewhere between biting and stinging pests.
  • Dirty - Some pests are dirty. They get into trash cans, dumpsters, and sewers. They feed on rotting organic matter and feces. An example of these pests are cockroaches, flies, and rodents.
  • Damaging - Some pests damage the belonging inside our homes. These are the carpet beetle, silverfish, clothing moth, etc.
  • Structural - Some pests damage the wood in homes. An example of these are termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and carpenter bees.
  • Pantry - Many pests can get into stored food, but certain pests lay their eggs in food, such as some moths, beetles, and weevils.

When you invest in home pest control, you get essential services that keep these pests out of your home and, in many cases, out of your yard.

The Problems Pests Can Cause In Manchester Homes

We outlined the problems these pests cause by grouping them according to the threats they present, but it is important to understand the ramifications of having pests in your yard or in your home. It will allow you to make a more informed decision about pest control for your home.

  • Pests can make you sick and cause you to go to the hospital. This can cause health premiums to go up or make you draw from your bank account for self-pay.
  • Pests can spread diseases that have life-long health implications. Lyme is an example of this. This adds to health care costs over time.
  • Pests can damage heirlooms and priceless items in storage.
  • Pests can cause damage to your home over time and cut into your retirement savings.

We could go on, but you get the point. Pest control for your home is essential protection. Investing in home pest control services can actually save you a lot of money. Keep this in mind when you look at home pest control prices.

Easy & Effective Pest Prevention Tips For Manchester Homes

There are many ways to deter pests and keep them out. Here are a few home pest control tips from the experts here at EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control:

  • Keep trash in sealed containers.
  • Keep leaves and sticks cleaned up.
  • Clean and repair gutters.
  • Remove yard clutter.
  • Remove birdfeeders.
  • Seal entry points in your exterior.
  • Keep up with pet waste clean-up.
  • Replace white exterior lights with yellow lights.

The Best Way To Keep Pests Away From Your Manchester Home

Residents often turn to DIY home pest control products to deal with pests but ongoing pest maintenance is the best way to go. Many DIY home pest control products fall short because they don't work or they aren't administered properly.

When control products are needed, it is best to reach out to EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control to get pest control for your home. Connect with us today to learn about our pest control services and to evaluate our home pest control prices. We believe you'll find that the cost is well worth the investment.

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