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Pest Control In Norwich, CT

Incorporated in 1784, Norwich, CT, was one of the first five cities in the state of Connecticut. Our historic community is located right at the mouth of the Thames River, and while living near the water is great, it can also have its downsides. Pests love water, and they love getting inside local homes and businesses even more. That means your property has exposure to pest infestation, which can have serious consequences. You’ve come to the right place for dependable pest protection that you can feel good about.

EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control is a family-owned and operated company that has been servicing residential and commercial properties throughout Norwich and the surrounding areas since 2010. We realize that there are several options when looking for the best service and value in pest control, and we appreciate the trust our clients show by calling us for their pest control needs. Call today for reliable New London County pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Norwich

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Here at EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control, we’ve serviced over 1,700 homes in the area, protecting homeowners from household pest infestation. Our 5 step approach includes the following:

  1. Pest Inspection - A thorough inspection is the cornerstone of any Pest Management /I.P.M. Program. 
  2. Free Exterminator Consultation - This is the step where we find out your needs, explain what we will do, and point out any mechanical alteration that we may need to do. 
  3. Treatment Plan - Putting the plan into action and preserving your valuable reputation. 
  4. Communication - Periodic floor level inspection reports to show where we are and where we are going
  5. Maintenance - The ongoing maintenance and prevention program tailored to your location

We also offer ongoing services for the exterior and the interior as needed. Get in touch with us today to discuss your residential pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Norwich

 We are proud to provide commercial pest solutions to many local businesses, such as food service facilities, hospitality, retail, property management, manufacturing, and distribution centers. After our certified staff inspects your business and we accurately assess your needs, we offer:

  • Consultation - We communicate with you about our recommendations. 
  • Treatment Plan - Putting the plan into action and preserving your valuable reputation. 
  • Communication - We are locally owned and operated, and we love providing solutions that are unique to our customers. 
  • Maintenance & Prevention - Protecting your business from pests is what we do best! 

Our follow-up services are completely customizable and scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to meet your needs. Reach out today for your free estimate.

Here’s Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Norwich Home

 Rodents are extremely destructive and unsanitary pests that are not only upsetting to see but are also very harmful. First, there’s the structural damage to consider. That’s why you should call the pros about rodents in your Norwich home. Here at EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control, we address rodent infestation in a large-scale way, bringing you year-round rodent control and prevention services you can rely on. Our rodent solutions include:

  • Snap traps placed around the interior about every six to eight feet in the basement 
  • Narrowing down the location of all rodent entry points
  • Seven to ten-day follow-up service visit to check the traps
  • Additional two-week follow-up if needed
  • Exterior rodent ground exclusion service

Our rodent control and prevention services are typically recurring, and as long as you’re a member, we offer free re-treatments. Reach out to us today to get started.

All The Different Ants That Can Invade Your Norwich Home

Connecticut is home to many different species of ants, and as a local homeowner, it’s important to be knowledgeable about them. Here are some of the different ants that can invade your Norwich home:

  • Carpenter Ants – These ants weaken the structural integrity of your property over time by excavating damaged wood and creating gallery tunnels for nesting. They do not sting, but they may bite if prompted.
  • Little Black Ants - These common pests are found indoors, often in decaying wood and stone. They can also be found outdoors in the soil under rocks and other debris. When disturbed, these ants can rapidly move to different locations and quickly spread their populations.
  • Odorous House Ants – These ants emit a putrid odor to indicate to the other members of their colony that they’ve found a good place to nest or a source of food. They do not sting, nor do they bite, but they smell awful.
  • Pavement Ants – These ants live both indoors and outdoors. They tend to burrow under and nest in the pavement of driveways and sidewalks. They can sting, and they can bite as well. 

Whether it’s damage to the property itself or overall contamination, the bottom line is that ants are a threat, and you should avoid them. Call EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control today to discuss your ant control and prevention needs. 

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