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The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Manchester Property

January 15, 2022 - Rodents

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Rats! The name may conjure up nightmarish visions of plague or seedy city alleyways. What about your living room or your kitchen cupboards? No one wants to imagine rats in the comfort of their home, but it is an unfortunate reality some Manchester homeowners are faced with. 

How To Identify Rats In Manchester

To be sure you keep your Manchester home rat-free, it is best to know what you are trying to keep out. Rats are small, long-tailed mammals, belonging to the rodent family. They tend to be covered in black or brown fur, with rounded backs and long scaly tails. Rats are considered commensalmeaning they interact closely with humans and benefit from this relationship while humans gain nothing in return.

What Makes The Rats In Manchester So Dangerous?

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, rats destroy approximately 20% of all the agricultural products in the world. They are considered one of the worst enemies of any farmer or gardener, as they will relentlessly eat crops and contaminate food stores. Furthermore, rats are disease-carrying animals. Per the Humane Society, more than 15,000 rat bites are reported each year in the United States. Some of the diseases that can be spread from rats to people are murine typhus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, hantavirus, and tularemia. 

Why Rats Are So Hard To Get Rid Of On Manchester Properties

Rats can climb, and in fact, will climb vertical walls if the surface is textured enough for them to get a grip. Furthermore, they can jump three to four feet into the air and can survive falls of up to 50 feet. Did you know rats can also swim? These critters are survivors and they can eat almost anything. Add to that the fact that rats can chew through wires, pipes, cinderblocks, and soft metals like lead and aluminum, and it's no surprise that they are difficult to get rid of. Rats are breeding machines, so while the average homeowner is dealing with the tenacity of rats, they are also combating the sheer numbers they live in. Female rats can have up to one dozen babies each and every month as long as there is enough food, shelter, and water. The young rat is sexually mature at three to four months of age, meaning the birthing cycle continues rapidly.

The Trick To Safe And Effective Rat Control In Manchester

Knowing more about rats often reinforces a homeowner's desire to keep them at bay. Homeowners can start by sealing any opening on the outside of their home using rat-proof materials, like very hard metals. A screen for chimney openings is a must, to ensure there are no entry points to your home. Storing food in airtight containers and keeping your home free of crumbs and clutter will choke off the food supply to any resident rats that may already be present. Store wood away from the house to avoid attracting any rats looking for shelter, and be mindful to check any wood before bringing it inside, lest you invite a rat hitchhiker. The last, and most effective rat control option available to homeowners, is professional assistance. 

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