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Are You Struggling With Odorous House Ants In Manchester?

July 15, 2022 - Ants

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Living in Manchester, as with anywhere in the Northeast, the biggest concern many residents have is getting through the tumultuous winter season. In addition to the strong winter weather, however, residents in Manchester face frequent invasions of troublesome pests in their homes. Of the various pests that find their way into Manchester homes, odorous house ants are one of the most frequent unwanted guests. 

House Ants In Your Home Doesn't Mean It's Dirty 

The first thing that comes to many homeowners' minds when they see ants crawling around their house is that it means they have a dirty home. However, this is not always the case. There are a variety of reasons that odorous house ants will invade your home. Like most other types of invasive insects and pests, odorous house ants primarily enter homes in search of a source of food. These pests prefer sugary foods but are omnivores and will feed on practically any food in your home that they can find. 

Common attractants for odorous house ants in your home and on your property include: 

  • Uncovered trash containers. 
  • Food left out or uncovered. 
  • Sources of stagnant water such as gutters, uncovered swimming pools, and other appliances that collect rainwater. 

For more information on what attracts these pests and how to keep them out of your home, reach out to the pest control experts at EcoChoice Termites & Pest Control. 

Will Odorous House Ants Go Away On Their Own? 

Unfortunately, odorous house ants will not go away on their own, and an infestation will only get worse if left untreated. Although ants do not typically pose a serious direct threat to humans, they can be very problematic, and that is why effective ant control is important. The main threat that ants pose is the contamination of food in your home from the bacteria that they carry all over their bodies. They are attracted to many different sources and types of food and are adept at crawling and climbing to find it. Ant colonies can swell to include tens of thousands of individual ants. A few ants spotted around your home can quickly grow into an overwhelming problem. 

How To Prevent An Ant Reinfestation In Your Home 

There are practical ways that you can reduce the chance of an odorous house ant infestation on your property and keep them from entering your home.

Some of the most effective ways for homeowners to prevent ant infestations include:  

  • Properly storing and covering food. 
  • Promptly clean up any food spills or leaks which will also attract ants 
  • Regularly inspect your property and seal any cracks in the walls or other parts of the property that could provide access to ants.  
  • Keep garbage cans and bins covered. Remnants of food left in the trash are a common attractant for ants. 

The ant control professionals at EcoChoice Termites & Pest Control can help you identify and eliminate sources of ant attraction on your property. Don’t hesitate to reach out today. 

How Can I Get Rid Of House Ants Permanently? 

Practicing ant and pest prevention strategies in your house and on your property is an essential part of keeping your home pest-free, but infestations can still occur despite your best efforts. In the unfortunate case that you do experience an ant infestation, EcoChoice Termites & Pest Control is here to help.

EcoChoice Termites & Pest Control, a local Manchester pest control specialist, has been keeping homes and businesses across Manchester safe and pest free since 2010. Our team of certified and highly trained pest technicians has experience in dealing with odorous house ants and the numerous other pests that affect Manchester homes. We will work with you to create a personalized pest control plan that fits your specific situation and needs. We provide free estimates on our services and offer flexible scheduling options.

Don’t wait for your ant problem to get worse. Call us today to get your home back to being pest-free.