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COVID-19 update from EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control

With all the news about COVID-19, we wanted to inform you of our efforts to protect you, your family, and our staff.  First and foremost, our technicians currently are all healthy and we have instructed our technicians to stay home, take a sick day, and contact their primary care provider if they should develop any sign…

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Pantry Pests…an unpleasant surprise

The holidays are here and everyone is making their favorites cakes, cookies and confections.  But just as you went into the pantry…you came across bugs.  No need to panic!  More than likely the bugs you encountered are just pantry pests. These bugs may cause some alarm to you as they are usually found within cabinets…

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Rodents: A Homeowner’s Primer…What do you really need to know?

Rodents are a group of nuisance pests that include mice, rats, and squirrels. These animals can contaminate food, damage property, and spread disease. There are many different rodent types and are frequently grouped together based on genetics and similar physical characteristics.  These include: Chipmunks, woodchucks, squirrels, prairie dogs and gophers Common house mice, rats, gerbils,…

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The Common House Fly…maybe not so common?

Identification The common house fly is medium sized (about ¼ inch long) and is found all over the world. The adult has the fourth wing vein sharply angled and four length-wise dark stripes on the top of the thorax. Its face has two velvety stripes which are silver above and gold below. The female fly…

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Crawling pests – just the less than common ones

Most insects have wings in their adult stages and move around mainly by flying. Some insects, such as cockroaches, have wings but are reluctant flyers, preferring to crawl to find food and shelter. And termites and ants are mainly wingless, so most of their behavior involves crawling, and produce juveniles that are temporarily winged during…

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Connecticut Ant Control and Warm Weather – Why ants love the summer

Widely recognized as the top nuisance pest in America, ants are likely to make an appearance in many homes around the country this summer. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) encourages homeowners to take proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of seeing ants crawling across the kitchen counter in the coming weeks. While ants inside…

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